Schretter & Cie produces a wide range of standard and special cements, among others: Shotcrete Binders, Quick-Setting Cement SupraCem, Landfill Binder Domotherm, SCC-Binder Viscocem and much more.

Raw materials for production are the natural resources of limestone and marl, which are mined near Vils.

The variety of products reflects the variety of application possibilities: Standard cement, special cement for concrete floors, power plants, roads, avalanche protection, tunnel construction and many more. The main features are defined by the cement standard.
The internal production specifications are more restrictive and therefore offer costumers a consistently high quality. All cements are delivered chromate reduced.


Prok. Herbert Schweißgut

Prok. Herbert Schweißgut
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Ing. Reinhard Oberlohr

Ing. Reinhard Oberlohr
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