Rapid-Setting Cement SupraCem

Schretter Rapid-Setting Cement SupraCem 45 is a Portland cement with high and early strength properties. The special characteristics of this cement can be achieved by using a specially prepared Portland cement clinker.
SupraCem is hydraulically hardening, waterproof, alkaline and therefore offers good corrosion protection. The application area is equivalent to normal cement (according to ETZ (ETA-08/0027)). 
The special features are high and early strength, fast and well-adjustable solidification, low shrinkage, slight swelling and good flowability. After appropriate qualification tests SupraCem 45 can be processed with normal concrete admixtures such as retarders, air-entraining agent, plasticizers, etc.
SupraCem is mainly used for the production of premixed mortars, plasters and screeds as well as for the production of finished parts. Several compositions in the construction chemistry are based on SupraCem.

Therefore rapid-setting cements are well suitable for the formulation of plaster, mortar, concrete, screed, etc. 

Our Rapid-Setting Cement is chromate reduced according to EU directive 2003/53/EC.


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